"Needed a pretty big plumbing repair job done on our old home ...SO impressed! On time, got the job done in less time than I expected, exceeded our expectations, all at a very reasonable cost!! Will definitely be keeping these guys on my speed dial! Great work!"  

- Rachel A.

"We are so happy with our new room!  Once we have it furnished we'd like for you to come and see it.  Thanks again for organizing this project. We can't wait for spring/summer so we can really get some use out of it."

- Tricia & Bruce B.

"Thank you very much for the work you completed on the Palmyra United Methodist Church drainage system.  This has been a long term problem for our church and we are very thankful that you not only took on the project but completed it prior to the onset of winter."

- Barbara S.

"The south side of our home had 2 patio doors within 10 feet of each other. Not only did it not look attractive but it made our living look less like a room.  Dennis Adsit came out and prepared an extremely detailed estimate for us.  Assured us that the house would never be left "unsecure" at any time during the remodeling process, and even stated that it most likely would be completed, with just a few final touches, within one work day.  Well, his estimate beat the other two we got - not only in price but in thoroughness and understandability.  And, he was right about being completed in less than one work day with the replacement of one patio door, the total removal of the other door, rebuilding the wall and installation of a beautiful picture window with two smaller side windows."

"The crew, an amazing group of young professional tradesmen worked very efficiently and thoroughly.  In conversation I came to understand that of the 4 man crew, 3 had know each other for over 30 years and the 4th had been part of the group now for almost 15 years.  They know each other so well that they can comfortably anticipate who is going to do what next.  Such harmony, such loyalty and such a professional finish to their work, right down to vacuuming up as the day went by to keep the rest of the house clean."

"The only thing I can think of that more appropriately introduce their company to a prospective customer would be the name, instead of Complete Contracting I would more describe it as Perfection Contracting because that is what it is....PERFECT."

I am a very happy and satisfied customer of Complete Contracting Services, Inc.  and do not hesitate to recommend them, without any reservations what-so-ever to anyone who may have a project, small or large."

- Paul A.


Dear Dennis & Crew,
Thanks so very much for the nice job in doing the ramp for our deck.
It was done so fast and timely! Thanks for the nice clean up job of materials & etc.
Hopefully this will help Frank get into the house much longer in the future(me too!)!
— Ginny